Monday, March 26, 2012

Thought Provocation


Call it what you want, words just won't do.

Some great tracks for those really deep times.

Feel free to comment, share, discuss, vote for you favorite, or add your own.


El Ten Eleven - My Only Swerving

El Ten Eleven - 1969

El Ten Eleven - Well, really any and all El Ten Eleven will do.

Every Direction is North
El Ten Eleven

It's Still Like a Secret

       Starfucker - Death As A Fetish

       Starfucker - German Love

             Yellow Ostrich - Whale

Mason Jennings - The Field


  1. Listening to the music ATM, but what really got me is the picture of the city...I want to visit that place at sunrise, amazing!

  2. I used to listen to El Ten Eleven and walk the city streets at night. Very inspiring.

  3. Nothing beats El Ten Eleven on those solitary nights. sights and sounds of everything from the city to a field, El Ten Eleven is the perfect accompaniment. Mix in the good feeling of a few adult beverages, and it should make for an amazing night.