Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Music these days

Is it just me? Is there something wrong with music these days? Maybe I'm just getting picky as the years go on, but it seems that there is some kind of gap. Either the music is just completely horrid and disgusting, or it is a masterpiece.


On one hand you have things like Gucci and Flokka... the most retarded combination of made up words and mind numbing, thought suppressing beats. You have your Rebecca Blacks and you Justin Biebers. You have your overplayed radio artists that record labels have invested millions into.

There is another hand though, and this is where the gap becomes quite clear. You have a huge uprising of some of the most amazing sounds in the form of electronic music (and I don't mean Skrillex). You have countless indie bands, one to fit every one of your musical fancies. You have the most amazing musicians that the world will ever see, but the world will never see (or hear) them.

Big record labels, like most big businesses, will always fund the suppression of free thinking and beauty, and in this case the expression of those qualities through music. It is truly sad. So join me in doing what you guys already do. Turn off the radio, turn on your computer, and experience everything that the musical world has to offer you. Partake in the adventure that is discovery, and do it before their reach extends into the Internet.


  1. I'm picky with my music, music these days aren't that good in my opinion than they were before.

  2. There is no soul in popmusic anymore.

  3. Yeah music these days is complete junk however thats just mainstream there is quite a bit of good music out there its just hard to find I think.

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  5. "Thought suppressing" is probably the most valid term to describe most modern music. Even though our brains are hardwired to "enjoy" catchy, repetitive pop tunes and easy-to-remember generic lyrics, some of us know that there is no real satisfaction gained from listening to these kinds of songs. Indeed, to listen to unknown, underground, or "Indie" artists (and I believe the term "artist" suffices in describing a fair ammount of the groups) can possibly land you the tag of hipster. However this is unjust. We do not listen to the artists "ironically" (most of said labelers use this term without truly knowing what it means), but because these sounds show signs of creativity, uniqueness, orginality, or at the very least effort. I fear most of them will never get the recognition they deserve, even if they do not strive for anything more than hoping people will hear them and enjoy their music as much as they enjoy creating it. to quote Mr. Halden, "You have the most amazing musicians that the world will ever see, but the world will never see (or hear) them.". I couldn't put it better myself. I emplore you to enjoy and spread this site's message and sounds, that others may discover what they may have been missing.

    1. More true words have yet to be written by any commentor. Your input is duly noted and truly appreciated sir. Cheers.